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  • VHF to GPS

    I live in the UK and keep Tigerlily in Portugal which makes it difficult to stay on top of what mechanics and electricians are trying to say to me so can any of you help me out here.

    When I bought her she was fitted with a Ramarine C70 GPS / plotter and a Standard Horizon DSC radio. I asked the electrician to make the two talk to each other so that I could use the DSC facility. He says that he doesn't know how because there are 4 ports into the C70. One NMEA, one Seatalk, one power and one DSM.

    I know that DSM is Raymarine's Digital Sounder Module so it isn't that, there are no other Raymarine electronics so it can't be Seatalk, so it must be the NMEA port. However when he connects these the radio still receives no signal from the GPS.

    What's also thrown me is that apparently there is no input for the GPS antenna so where does that signal enter the C70?

    DSM is Raymarine's Digital Sounder Module

    Any ideas?
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    NEMA is the correct connection. There should be 4 wires that need connecting. I am not familiar with Raymarine so I cant tell you which colors. The output of the ray to input of the radio and vice versa. 2 wires for input and 2 for output.
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      The four wires mentioned are the NEMA 0183 data lines that can be connected from the radio to the same lines on the C70 You will connect the transmit on one to the receive on the other and visa versa on the other pair. You won't use the sea talk connections for that. If you have the books they should tell you what color the wires are.If you don't have the books they are probably available on the mfg's web sites. The only other question is the DSC signal monitored in that area. The Coast Guard is just getting set up here in the US. Of course you can still use it for selective calling to other boats if you know their MMSI number.
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