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  • e-120 qustion

    My sounder freezes and I have to re boot/turn off and back on/ everytime I take the boat from a trolling speed to plane. I can still use the gps but just no sounder functions. Any thoughts?


    work is something I do in between fishing trips

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    You checked the obvious, loose connections and a loose or corroded ground?

    Is your transducer a thru hull, shoot thru or stern mounted? If it is a stern mounted I have seen the bracket that holds it in place lose some of its holding ability and when the water around it changes direction it moves with it. It appears that the unit quits when in reality it is just shooting off at a strange angle.

    Also, did you notice if the unit is still getting a signal when you get on plane? (i.e. is the little icon in the upper right corner still showing the transducer as active?) If it isn't, it might be the actual transducer. If it shows it as active it probably is in your E-120 unit. Another way to check if the unit is acually locked up or just shooting into space is to turn the A-Scope on. It will continue to show as active even if it is not getting an actual bottom to bounce off of.

    If it is a shoot thru, how clean is your bottom? If it is dirty, at slow speeds it might be able to shoot thru the barnacles (slime, etc.) but at higher speeds not be able to ...

    Raymarine also has a service site which you can email. They have always (eventually) answered my questions. If you don't have that email address I can dig it out for you. I have it stored around here somewhere.



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      It's working again. The transducer is a thru hull mounted right below the transom..I get a good shot while on plan but when drifting and a boat wake comes by and the boat rolls then in screws up the shot...looks like rolling hills on the screen..interesting.

      Anyway, it's working and is pretty nice.

      work is something I do in between fishing trips