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Grounding issue

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  • Grounding issue

    Has anyone had a problem like this:

    Main Power switch = ON
    Electronics switch = OFF

    When I use the Trim Tab both the electronics fuse box in the Overhead Box and in the Console become hot. As long as I hold the Trim Tab switch ON all my electronics are on. As soon as I let the Trim Tab go, everything is back to dead.

    I am sure it is a grounding issue. But it only grounds the Electronics switch on the dash (apparently), since nothing else comes on (i.e. wipers, cabin lights, etc.)

    I have cleaned all my contacts, tried disconnecting all the electronics into the Console box, etc.

    Any ideas ?



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    Could it be your batteries?

    I dont' know if this is related, but on my first 28 classic I had a similar issue when I would use the trim up, trim down on the outdrives. Occassionally, when I would hit the switch all my electronics would shut off. It generally occurred first thing when I started the boat in the mornings. I thought it might be a grounding issue, but it turns out my batteries were shot and when I used the tilt/trim, the drop in voltage caused all the electronics to shut off.

    Again, it may be unrelated. However, in my case the batteries seemed good, but actually needed to be replaced. If you cannot find a grounding issue, you may want to check your batteries.


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      Good suggestion

      But I just put 3 new Optimas in it ...



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        Then it is probably not the batteries. Just thought it might be a possibility.


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          It turned out to not be a grounding issue at all.

          My upper helm station trim tab switch is apparently fried. The power is flowing back thru the fuse blocks and powering the electronics fuse blocks.