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    I am trying to decide which autopilot to install on my 28. The units I am considering are the Simrad AP 16; AP 26; Furuno 500 series; or the Nautamatic. I have a Furuno Navnet one GPS/Depth system.

    Does anyone who has one of these care to comment on the level of satisfaction, quality, ability to hold a true course etc??

    Is anyone running in a virtual feedback mode with the simrad or furuno and satisfied??

    Also....where did you install the pump, computer, and compass??

    Info would be greatly appreciated.....


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    well done 28

    I have a 28 CC also and installed a simrad AP-16 on my boat. I was told by one of the electronics installers that this would not work on my boat. I talked to Mac at the AC boat show and he said he had that one on his boat (AP16) and it worked fine. I mounted the computer under the lay down dash on the bulkhead. The pump was mounted in the side panel on the floor on the starboard side (all your steering lines are there) rudder feedback was mounted on the port rudder arm. I mounted the compass on the bulkhead between the engine compartment and the cabin on the cabin side behind the first step where you have the acess panel. Everything worked perfect until I started the engines and that threw the autopilot compass off more than 20 degrees. I assume this was alternator interferance, then moved the compass under the sink in the head on the forward bulkhead. It works like a charm, wish I installed one long ago. I then had the set up done by the electronics company whom I bought the unit from. Not hard to do, install one piece at a time.
    WELL DONE - Henry
    2006 CC 28
    Home Port - Cape May, NJ


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      At various points I have owned or had extensive experience with the Simrad AP-16, AP-26 and Furuno 511. They all work pretty well so I don't think you can make a mistake. There used to be some bells and whistles that differed between them but now they all do the same "tricks" such as spiral turn patterns for trolling. I had some component failures (both the control head and compass at different times) with the last Simrad AP-26 but that was handled under warranty with no issues.

      I would go with one of the units that has a course knob such as the AP-26 or the Furuno 511. It is a very convenient feature and well worth the small extra cost. In this regard Furuno has one advantage which is the size of the control head is a little smaller than the AP-26. I also like the menu structure and interface a little better on the Furuno. On the other side, if you are interested in a handheld remote control, Simrad now has a wireless remote option.

      Can't speak to the Nautimatic from experience but from a support standpoint, I would lean towards Simrad or Furuno because there are so many Simrad units in service and Furuno has famously good customer service. They will be around for a long time and parts will be easily available.

      You don't want to use virtual feedback unless there is no choice. It is very tricky to set up and does not track as well in my experience (I used it for a few weeks when my linear feedback failed on my old boat). The CC28 has a decent location for the rudder feedback sensor and since it is out of the weather, you won't have the issues that plague the linear feedback used on outboards.
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        I have the Simrad AP16. If I had more romm for the control head I would have gotten the AP26. It works well. If you choose the 16 I would consider the upgraded AP20 computer and gyro stabilized compass as opposed to the standard ones that come with the 16. My compass is under the sink, pump in the compartment lower right side helm, and rudder feedback on right rudder arm. Did it all myself, fairly easy. The hard part was building and mounting a platform for the rudder feedback unit. Good luck.
        Jim B.
        FLY'N FISH 35 Classic
        Va. Beach