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Spreader / cockpit lights

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  • Spreader / cockpit lights

    2002 28 CC
    Have an issue with the upper lights not working, lights along gunnels are fine. No power to the tower spreader lights.

    Any idea were a junction / splice may be in the factory wiring?

    switch is working fine, loss of voltage between console exiting and tower.

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    Two possible scenarios I have encountered:

    1. There is a toggle switch under the gunnel near the switch to raise the engine hatch. If that switch is off, your spreader lights won't come on but your under the gunnel lights will come on.

    2. I assume you checked the wire connections in the box in your tower. They easily come apart so check those if you didn't already.
    2002 28
    Volvo Kamd 44p's



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      Sounds like the switch, I hope. My son was playing around with the deck switch and down riggers on the ride in when they quit working. Thanks. I was hoping this web site would reveal a simple solution.

      I just purchased in late June, have not had ample time to know every detail of layout.The surveyor brought the switch to my attention during his inspection, indicating it does not seem to control anything??

      "Over Billin"


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        That switch is a weak link in the boat, imho as it is very exposed to salt water washdown and spray.

        I got sick of replacing it every 2 years and eventually added a toggle switch for the light's up top and powered the lights off the buss bar in the box up top.

        This winter I plan to rewire correctly and run wires all the way back to a helm mounted switch and use that instead.


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          We have a 95 28 and I have not been able to locate a toggle. Right now when the cockpit lights are on so are the spreaders. I would like to put in a switch to seperate them but have not been able to determine where the split occurs. Any suggestions?


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            It was the switch. My son, while laying in the bean bag chair, wanted to see what they did. Now we know. Thanks


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              I had to replace my switch under the gunnel recently. Mac sent me one for I think $14. This one was totally sealed and much better than what was originally under there.