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Battery Charging Issue 25CC

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  • Battery Charging Issue 25CC

    Had my 7.4 replaced by an 8.1 a few years back. Ever since getting it back I seem to have a problem with my batteries draining down. Not so much the starting battery but the house battery.

    We usually drift with the motor off and use the CD player or radio and the Furuno color CRT. After 4 or 5 trips the battery will loose juice and the depth finder will start to blur and finally shut off. When I start the engine back up eveyrthing works fine so I beleive it's charging correctly. After running the engine for a while I can shut it down and the sounder will work for another 5 minutes and quit. I'm then forced to take the battery out of the boat, charge it back up on my charger and put it back in. I then get another 4 trips and it gives up on me again.

    Our round trip out and back to the fishing grounds is probably and hour. I would think this should be more then enough time to charge the batteries back up and like I said I never had a problem before the engine got replaced.

    Replaced the batteries several times so it's not that......Checked voltage coming out of alternator and to the batteries and that appears to be fine. Replaced Isolatot just in case.

    Im at a loss here.... Had the marina look at it but they can't seem to find out whats wrong.

    Any suggestions ??

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    You don't say if you have a windlass installed or not. If you do, check to make sure the switch is turned off. In the earlier models we wired the windlass switch so you could turn the windlass on even if the main was off. Realized too late that some people turned the switch on and left it on. If you have the correct voltage coming to the batteries, I would suggest that you may have a battery issue. Unfortunately, all batteries are not created equal and just will not take a good charge.

    Give us a call if it does not clear up and we will see if we can talk you through it.



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      Thanks Mac - I do not have a windlass and have replaced the batteries several times so I do not think the batteries are the issue.

      What are some other things I should check for ? I changed the isolator last year because I was getting a 1 amp drop coming out from the alternator readings on the house side.

      Should I be checking for ground connections or leaking current ?


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        Give me a call in the morning. Have some ideas. 252 482 3699



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          battery issues

          Similar problems started about 2 months ago on my 25. I do not have a windless.
          Have replaced house battery.
          Checked on-board charger, seems to be working, yet battery continues to drain AND when running is charging (per meter) way high. Causing problems with chartplotter and sounder and driving me nuts!



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            if you have a battery isolater check and make sure that all the battery banks are sending power to the house battery. had similar problem on 28 and that was the cause.