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  • Auto pilots?

    I am considering installing an auto pilot on my 25 CC. I was wondering what typse of auto pilots others have had success with on a 25 CC. Where is the best place to mount the fluxgate compass in order to minimize pitch and roll plus trying to stay away from objects that may through off the compass. Thanks.

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    I have the Furuno 511 on my boat. I got one of the first ones produced and there are a couple software glitches that are supposed to be fixed now. I haven't had a chance to try the new software yet (still winter here).

    Dealer installed the heading sensor in the aft most part of the starboard locker in the cabin. He built a small shelf for it out of starboard. Seems to work fine there.

    Other than the problems that are supposed to be fixed, I like the unit. Draws a nice straight wake across the lake, it's hooked up to my Furuno 1723c chartplotter and goes to the waypoints. As with most stuff, I probably only use about 10% of the features available.

    Besides being able to fish without constant hands on the helm, the thing I like best about it is the rudder indicator display when I'm around the docks. Really comes in handy.
    2004 Carolina Classic 25 - Little Dandy
    Volvo 8.1 DuoProp


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      Simrad AP11

      I have a Simrad AP11. The compass is mounted in the port side v-berth storage area. I have had the boat almost 2 years and the autopilot is great!


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        auto plot

        I have an Auto Helm on my 28 and have foun it OK but not great.
        Capt. Nicolls
        Atlantic Coast
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          This is an update for anyone curious. The new software in my Furuno 511 worked flawlessly this past season.
          2004 Carolina Classic 25 - Little Dandy
          Volvo 8.1 DuoProp


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            Simrad !!!!!!!!!

            We Had A Simrad On The First 25' C.c. & We Just Got Our New 2006, Went With Simrad All The Way Love It. The New Ap 25 Auto Pilot Is The Best One Far Out All Times !!!!!!
            25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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              This is my 4th season with a raymarine auto-pilot on my 2001 CC-28. It has not yet gone a full season yet without a repair and at best its performance is marginal.
              Capt. Walt
              2001 CC 28
              Volvo KAMD 300's


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                I have a Simrad AP26 on my 32 for two seasons now and it has been great.


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                  Looking to install the Simrad AP26 on my 32, just curious as to what size pump is needed.


                  "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                    AP 26 Simrad Autopilot

                    I have that unit installed on my 32, I will find the literature and message you to which pump to use. It is the best autopilot around.


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                      Pump Size

                      The correct pump size for your 32 Carolina for the Simrad AP26 Auto Pilot is the RPU 80. If you have any other questions let me know.


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                        Best Auto Pilot for the 25 is the TR-1 by Nautamatic

                        After extensive research and finding it difficult to find a place to install a rudder feedback sensor, the TR-1 fit the bill perfectly. It uses a gyro - so no rudder feedback is necessary. Many of the problems and constant repairs associated with auto pilots center around the rudder feedback assemblies. Please see the link below:

                        Delivering innovative GPS-enabled technology across diverse markets, including sports and fitness, outdoor recreation, marine, automotive, and aviation.

                        It works very well, was a bit on the expensive side ($4,000 installed) but it's a must if you fish alone.


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                          I have the AP16 on my 35 for over a year now and have never had a problem. Have logged many long voyages using the 16 and not had a problem. If you look at the web site, the 16 is for boats up to 40 feet and the people who did my electronics told me the 16 was the right choice. The 16 is enough, but I am sure you will not have any complaints if you go with the next size up.
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