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  • Volvo 42 series engine owners

    I've decided to repower my 1997 25 rather than selling her. Accordingly, I may have some parts to unload (or sell the engine as is), such as a recently rebuilt injector pump, a new compressor & an almost new alternator. The engine & hull are down in Edenton at Layton's. I expect to have the engine pulled within the next 5-10 business days should someone wish to go down there & start the engine (it does run but will require a rebuild). Should someone want a spare engine for parts or whatever, let me know.


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    What engine are you installing. I have an 06 25 with str. inboard Yanmar 315.Are you the original owner? How many hours on old engine. How is the boat holding up?


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      I'm the second owner of the boat. She's a jackshafted '97 model with around 1700 operating hours. I'm fairly certain I'm going with the 315 Yanmar, although I haven't purchased the engine yet. The D4 Volvo is my only other consideration. She's holding up very well, Layton's reconditioned the boat in late 2003 & she still looks brand new (I'm hesitant to describe her as bristol but I'd say she's just one or 2 notches below that).

      As far as the Volvo 42 in the boat now, I'll either sell the engine as is or unbolt the accessory parts (starter, turbo, injector pump & supercharger) & sell them on ebay or someplace & discard the block.

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        This engine is sold..............