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    I was down on the coast this weekdend and saw that the cc dealer still has a 32 for sale. it is 2006 model but comes with all of the warr. it is ice blue with a white rub rail and many other options it has the 425 cummins.. they are really wanting to get rid of it, the dealer is blue water yacht sales and the guys name is bennett. just thought i would let everyone know incase someone is in the market


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    They haven't lowered the price much for a boat coming on two model years old yet.
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      I have a question. Why do they order the bowrail so short? He also has a 35 with the same short rail. That would never fly up here for safety reasons at the canyons at night. At least for me.
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        I called about a trade with no response, must want to sell it that bad!!!!
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          Originally posted by Split Decision View Post
          I have a question. Why do they order the bowrail so short? He also has a 35 with the same short rail. That would never fly up here for safety reasons at the canyons at night. At least for me.
          I can't say about the 32, but I am a New England fisherman and I ordered my 28 with a short bow rail because I actually think it is safer for going forward. The rail and stanchions are so close to the cabin trunk on the 28 that I found it very awkward moving forward. With the shorter bow rail, you can slide your feet along but of course you still have the rail on the hard top for safety. Then you can switch your grip to the bow rail when you get past the tight area. The standard rail is so low next to cabin on a 28 that it is not keeping anyone from going overboard nor is it high enough to be much of a handrail.

          Just my opinion of course.


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            Buyer's Market on Boats

            It is a buyer's market on boats and has been for about 12 months. With the overall economy slowing, it is likely to continue for sometime...getting better for buyers' and worse for sellers'. Those dealers (and private sellers) that want to move inventory will need to heavily discount their prices. The only alternative is to keep it and use it.

            I don't think $299k or anything close to that, is going to get that one sold. A 2006, 32' hardtop with approximately 50hrs. on 425's cummins, and decent electronics just sold in NC, for approximately $220K.

            Not to mention, there is dealer in Marathon that also has a 2006 left over. Lots of boats on the market these days, which should make at least some of us happy.


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              220K...I bought it and drove it last night after it was unloaded. It's now the only 32CC on the west coast.
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                how does she ride EZ limitz? nice boat. how does the ride compare to the 28 and the HS3300 CC?


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                  i am not trying to sell this boat for myself but just trying to help a dealer out with a great looking custom 32 classic. if you want to talk to them direct his name is bennett long and his number is 251-476-2699 they are asking 299,000 for the boat and just remember that is what he is asking


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                    Well I have only just taken for a spin in San Diego bay for about 20 minutes so that's where I am coming from but...

                    It's friggin awesome. Having owned the 28 I knew the CC was an awesome boat but I am very pleased/impressed with the quality of the boat. With the 425's / no tower..yet/ the boat jumps up on plane, comfortably cruises @ 25-26knts burning about or just a smidge under 1mpg. Anyone who says the boat cruises @ 30knts is ......just not correct. Great visability from the helm while @ cruise..I am about 6' 1". It's easily handled by one person so I feel comfortable taking my family on day trips...3 little's quiet...for diesels considering you are standing on top of them...of course workmanship is awesome ....

                    What I wish it had more of is others have commented there really isn't a lot of room for rods/gear. Of course it is a 32ft boat and I personally don't know what could have been done differently. I do sort of wish the gunnels were a little the 28 CC CC tends to have them just a little low but thats only my concern for my kids talking...and of couse the fact that this boat doesn't have a swimstep and I know how hard it is to get into a boat like that if one were to fall in the water. I may just have a little rope ladder hanging off the side...just in case.

                    The 28 w/ the 4 banger cummins was a great boat for it's size...

                    The 33 HS is also a great boat but trying to compare a large center console to a mid size express is just .... well they are both great boats in thier class. The HS rides great and easily cruies across 2-4's @ 30 knts. So for getting someplace fast the HS is great with plenty of space.
                    work is something I do in between fishing trips


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                      New 32.......

                      Congratulations Terry. Welcome back into the fold. That's certainly going to turn some heads around SD. Hope to see you out there next season. What's the name of the boat......EZLIMITS lll ?


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                        Congratulations Terry, you have got to be a expert in cross country shipping of Carolina Classics. Good move on this boat!
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                          congrats on the new boat. I am sure it looks great in SD. keep us posted on how the tower rebuild goes.


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                            you fishing this weekend? 2 to 3's and 80 degrees right now. Not bad for December 14th.


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                              thanks guys...I am very excited..but not as much as my daughter..6yrs old and all she does is talk about the new boat. Last night she was sitting next to me drawing pictures of her and I fishing...she drew a picture of her catching a swordfish...of all things.

                              Any, she wants to get a lot of "fake bait" today as the bait tank isn't installed yet and go fishing...and spend the night on the boat... We'll see if she changes her mind about staying on the boat once she gets to see it but I am sure in her eyes it will be perfect for camping. My two boys couldn't see to care less about having a new boat??


                              work is something I do in between fishing trips